Welcome to State Islamic JHS 1 Bandar Lampung, Miss Marketa

Welcome to State Islamic JHS 1 Bandar Lampung, Miss Marketa. Bandar Lampung, Friday 7, 2020, Miss Marketa one of AIESEC participants from Lampung University visited State Islamic JHS 1 Bandar Lampung.
Marketa is from Cheko, she is scheduled to have classroom visit in a month.

In her visit, she was accompanied by Mr. Ridwan Hawari, S.Pd, MM, the chief of evaluation regional ministry of religious affairs.

Mr. Lukman Hakim, S.Pd., MM, welcome them in reading room of the school library.

In the meeting, Marketa expresses her gratitude for the warm welcome from the school.

She isĀ  a Chekoslovakian. She is 28. She is a student, she is working on her Ph.D. She is one of AIESEC-YEP 2020. She stays with a house family in Pahoman Bandar Lampung, not far from SMAN 10 Bandar Lampung.

She is energetic, during her stay in Indonesia especially bandar Lampung. She does outdoor activities a lot. Besides becoming a visiting teacher in State Islamic Junior High School One Bandar Lampung, She also does other activities like becoming judge in a speech contest and exploring places of interest in  Lampung.

She loves to be tanned. That’s why she likes going to the beach in here, so far she has visited Pahawang Beach and  Tegal Island and she did sunbathing a lot in those two spots.

Yesterday she wore a t-shirt, F-r-i-e-n-d-s, a TV series that is aired again and again in her country. She and her sister love watching it. She has attended a kind of tour visiting the set of the series in England.

She loves local food, but she is a vegan. She does not eat fish, meat, but she eats eggs. when we provide two portions of lunch, one with fish, the other with egg. She chose the one with egg. But she could not finish the rice, because she said that I am full, the rice is too much for me.