Tugas Bahasa Inggris 16 Sep 2020



Complete the sentences with correct forms of the verbs in the box.

Example:                                                                                                                                                                            Ana:    Shhhh! Don’t make any noise. My sister is sleeping.


1.         Ana     : You________ hard today.

            Ima      : Yes, I have a lot to do.

2.         Nona   : I________ for Salma. Do you know where she is?

            Reno    : Sorry, I don’t know.

3.         Ana     : It________ dark. Shall I turn on the light?

            Andin  : Yes, please.

4.         Salma  : The refugees haven’t got anywhere to live at the moment. They________

                          with relatives or friends until they built a new home.

            Ivan     : I feel bad for them.

5.         Daddy : It’s six thirty. Are you ready, Salma?

            Salma  : Yes. I________.

6.         Ana     : You________ too much noise. Can you be a little quieter?

                          I________ too concentrate on my homework.

            Andin  : Sorry. I will.

7.         Mother : Don’t forget your umbrella. It________ to rain.

            Salma  : OK, mum. Thank you.

8.         Dinda  : Jessica called me last night. She is on holiday in Yogyakarta. She________

                          a great time. She doesn’t want to come back.

            Alya    : What fun.

9.         Salma  : Aliando is a university student.

            Andin  : Yeah. I know that. He________ history.


Change the verbs into the correct forms. Sometimes you need a negative form (not).

1.         I’m tired. I________ (go) to bed now. Goodnight!

2.         We can go out now. It________ (rain) any more.

3.         Norman has just started evening class. He________ (learn) Mandarin.

4.         I want to lose weight, so this week I________ (eat) lunch.

5.         I think Dina and Maya have had an argument. They________ (speak) to each other.


Read this conversation between Zahra and Reyhan. Change the verbs into the correct forms.

Reyhan            : Zahra! How nice to see you! What (1)________ (you/do) these days?

Zahra               : I (2)________ (learn) to be a scout leader.

Reyhan            : Really? What’s it like? (3)________ (you/enjoy) it?

Zahra               : It’s all right. What about you?

Reyhan            : Well, actually I (4)_______ (not/do) anything at the moment. I (5)________

                          (try) to find something to do.

Zahra               : Well, you can decorate your room. Dinda (6)________ (decorate) her room

                          right now and she is very busy.

Reyhan            : Oh! (7)________ (she/work) on it alone?

Zahra               : No, some friends of hers (8)________ (help) her.

Reyhan            : That’s a great idea. Thanks.